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This is my little personal corner of the great web. It's been a few years since I changed anything here. Seems like social media replaced personal websites. Enjoy some old pictures. You can contact me via social networks or e-mail. Thanks for coming by!

My favorite websites:

Traditional Russian Costume
24 Corde Ensemble - Italian Guitar Quartet
IOnKey aka Ardivo
Internet Search Contest

Personal Pages:

Dima Stukalov  Dima Stukalov
Dima Budko  Dima Budko
Sergey Petrov  Sergey Petrov
Alex Shturm  Alex Shturm
Michael Pasumansky  Michael Pasumansky
Alex Agranov  Alex Agranov
Michael Khait  Michael Khait
Lev Kantorovsky  Lev Kantorovsky
Roma Breslav  Roma Breslav
Katya Burova  Katya Burova
Valera Fooksman  Valera Fooksman
Lesha Gousseff  Lesha Gousseff
Dima Simonian  Dima Simonian
Ilya Mironov  Ilya Mironov
Simon Bliudze  Simon Bliudze
Mikhail Anufriev  Mikhail Anufriev

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